Pittsburgh Innovation Exhibit

How might we Tell the story of Pittsburgh's rich tradition of innovation?

Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation is a redesign of the Heinz History Center's permanent exhibit space as part of a larger 250th celebration of the city. The 16,000 square-foot exhibit features more than 50 hands-on interactives and audio-visual displays that help tell Pittsburgh's history through the framework of innovation.  

Concept: Patron Personas
With close proximity to downtown Pittsburgh, the Heinz History Center is uniquely positioned to offer both a short term visitor experience for travelers passing through the city as well as a day long destination for families and historians. To address these varying visitor scenarios, I implemented the experience design technique of persona development as a way to model, summarize, and communicate research about the different patron types who have been observed in the museum. By synthesizing these observations into personas, it was possible to design this new exhibit space for a variety of varying types of visitors.  

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Exhibit Visual Design lead on in-house development team.
  • Collaborated with curators on content strategy, translating research and artifact collections into human-centered stories.
  • Collaborated closely with technologists in developing digital interactives.
  • Art directed exhibit branding and visual system for consistent exhibit look and feel. 
  • Designed information graphics, wall murals, and other art assets.
  • Worked with senior designers on spatial design and elevation planning.