Norton eTextbook Reader

How might we extend Norton’s etextbook value proposition through deeper user engagement?

I was able to bring my experience in digital education reading apps (see the NookStudy App also posted in this portfolio) while working as a consultant on W. W. Norton & Company's digital textbook reader. I focused on helping their product team develop a user defined system of highlighting and annotation that is seamlessly connected, meta-tagged, and searchable. Our strategy was to deepen the user's experience reading their digital textbook with annotations and highlights that would be flexible enough for the unique ways each user studies, while also remaining consistent and well defined for easy retrieval and review.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provided UX Design strategy as a consultant for W.W. Norton & Company publishers digital education team.
  • Audited existing reader app to evaluate workflows and functionality.
  • Created wireframes proposing new functionality and extending existing functions based on experience designing for digital education reading apps.