NOOK Stats

How might we help Nook customers track and manage their reading habits while building a community with fellow readers?

NOOK Stats is an analytics tool for visualizing data aggregates of Barnes & Noble's Nook reading community. The purpose of this dashboard was to create engaging graphics that facilitate NOOK readers in making meaning out of their reading progress and habits based on data stored in the cloud. Users could pace their ebook reading sessions for desired completion dates or view how their progress compared to others reading the same ebook in the BN community. Above are visual comps that I designed and mocked up after evolving an initial set of wireframes with a team member. I designed the source illustrations and developed the art direction to extend the NOOK brand's look and feel.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Led art direction and interaction design for product definition and branding based on business goals.
  • Defined and developed data visualizations, functionality, and UI design based on Barnes & Noble's brand standards.
  • Created source illustrations and high-res mockups which detail information architecture and product look and feel.