NOOK Books—eBooks Storefront

How might we help site merchandisers roll-out a new platform of products in a way that is flexible to their strategy while consistent with the overarching ecommerce experience on Barnes &

As Barnes & launched its new ebooks offerings, unique challenges arose over how to integrate the new product type amongst existing core offerings. These wireframe samples reflect the large number of data points displayed for products on I designed a modular system to help merchandisers make smart choices about how and when to display the most pertinent data at the optimal stage of the user's shopping experience. This is also a document that exemplifies a living set of wireframes where various UX team members would revise and expand the documented functionality over time.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with Lead Information Architect and online merchandisers to understand both stakeholder group's needs.

  • Designed a flexible set of pattern configurations that met the needs of merchandisers while keeping all patterns consistent with the established UX across the rest of the site.

  • Created wireframes and configuration "recipes" which detail the various pattern combinations for merchandisers to work with.