Motorola Droid — Augmented Reality

How might we deepen customer engagement while building anticipation foR The next Droid phone release?

I collaborated with with visual designers and brand strategists at McGarryBowen to design a web portal and an augmented reality app for a nationwide scavenger hunt offering participants a chance to win a new Droid Bionic. Participants "hunted" down various tech prizes using an augmented reality app on their smartphone in order to enter to win each prize. In the weeks leading up to the four day scavenger hunt event, customers visited the Droid website to view teaser videos that would unlock over time.

I focused on information architecture and brand strategy for the complex sweepstakes program that incorporated a web portal, leaderboards, and an app that integrated geotagging and augmented reality for the scavenger hunt.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Lead UX Design as a consultant for the Droid Bionic team at McGarryBowen.

  • Collaborated with Information Architecture Manager and brand strategist on product definition, business goals, and branding.

  • Collaborated closely with lead technologists and art director to give shape to product look, feel, and functionality.

  • Created wireframes and strategy deliverables.