Change by Us NYC

How might we help communities put their ideas into action to improve their neighborhoods? 

Working with Local Projects, I developed initial strategy and design for the next phase of the Give A Minute project (eventually evolving into Change by Us); a hyperlocal social website enabling New Yorkers to put their ideas into action by developing projects and building teams to make NYC a better place to live. Through the program, you can connect with other residents, City programs and resources, and non-profit organizations committed to creating positive change in our communities by sharing ideas and organizing projects for making our City greener and greater.

“The localism inherent in Give a Minute makes sense for the times. Weary of the national conversation, overwhelmed by the global ones, people are turning inward to their own communities...” – The New York Times, November 25, 2010

Roles and Responsibilities

  • UX Design Lead on early rounds of next phase features focused on social affordances.
  • Collaborated with design director on product definition, business goals, and branding.
  • Collaborated closely with lead technologists and art director to give shape to product look, feel, and functionality.
  • Created multiple iterations of wireframes based on team feedback.
image by Local Projects

image by Local Projects