Casenotes Android Application 

How Might We Empower child welfare workers with quick anD seamless data entry in the field?

A critical component to creating timely and contextually-relevant data management with the Casebook Platform is the ability to access our tools in the field via a mobile interface. The Casenotes android application places the appropriate affordances in the hands of social workers while they are in the field to encourage timely updates and increase data completeness.

A Freemium Product Strategy
The strategy to develop a free device native app leverages both the powerful features a native application can afford (highlighted in the wireframe mockups above) as well an opportunity to deliver user value that may lead to a deeper platform engagement. Downloading and using the free version of the app would allow social workers to export entered data in a formatted email. When the application is used in tandem with the Casebook SAAS Platform, entered data automatically updates seamlessly across the entire suit of web products in a format that is federally compliant. This connected data value proposition would encourage agencies to adopt the SAAS platform as their system of record.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Researched and designed UI, translating Android Material UI guides to existing Casebook branding.
  • Collaborated with Product Management on product definition, business goals, and go-to-market strategy.
  • Created wireframes with new Android specific UI and functionality.

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