Casebook Profile Photos 

How might we help social workers Visualize the ever changing Lives of the kids in their care?

Casebook is a people-centric platform that helps social workers provide care for at risk children by visualizing each child's personal relationships and unique history in child services. 

Event Driven Photo Organization
Profile images are more than a repository of photos in Casebook, they are a visual record of a child who is ever-changing and growing. Event Driven Photo Organization is a unique way to help social worker keep track of the elapsing time a child has spent in the system based on the events that occur throughout the duration of their stay in care. 


  • Smaller photo sizes that allow for multiple images to be viewed in a single row — social workers can see how a child is aging over time and how many events have occurred (ie birthdays or a change in foster care) while a child is still in the system.
  • A locked image of the most current photo with an adjacent carousel that is set to center on the most recent change of event — highlights to the social worker how long a child is in a particular event, such as a removal episode.
  • Auto arrangement of photos by date of event rather than date of upload
    • Preserves photo collection as a linear visual record of event history for the social worker. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • UX Design lead on agile product development team.
  • Collaborated with Product Management on product definition and business goals.
  • Established and led research best practices for team.
  • Collaborated closely with lead technologists and art director to give shape to product look, feel, and functionality.
  • Created wireframes, paper prototypes, and strategy deliverables.

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