Casebook Child Abuse Hotline

HOW MIGHT WE Help hotline operators capture key structured data while remaining focused on their report narrative?

Casebook Child Abuse Hotline is a product centered on helping operators capture critical structured data while remaining focused on the caller and their story. Researched in 5 different states, Casebook Child Abuse Hotline reflects the unique needs for workers in this high pressure context.

From Narrative to Structured Data
The above designs articulate a unique workflow that utilizes a context menu triggered when operators highlight narrative text. While observing hotline operators in the field, I noticed that many struggled to maintain an organic conversation with their callers while simultaneously capturing  structured data about the report in the provided form fields. I designed this highlight menu to help operators quickly lookup and enter people into their system through structured participant roles while staying focused on the caller's report narrative.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • UX Design Lead on agile product development team.
  • Designed, implemented, and synthesized design research across 5 state agencies.
  • Art directed UI to give shape to product look and feel.
  • Collaborated with Product Management on product definition and business goals.
  • Collaborated closely with lead technologists to translate insights into build-able product.
  • Created wireframes, paper prototypes, research synthesis and strategy deliverables.

Process—Call Center Service Journey Diagrams

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