B&N Kids' Club

How might we help parents and relatives keep track of the milestones and life events for the children they shop for most?

These sample wireframes reflect the first phase of a large targeted marketing effort aimed at parents and adults who want to track and manage the children they often buy gifts for. The release was in conjunction with a kids specific gift finder, both of which were launched during the holiday season. These wireframes include a dashboard to monitor member eligibility for special promotions based on kids product purchases made. Product suggestions are also made on the dashboard for the children members buy for based on demographic data that help BN.com suggest appropriate gifts. Also included is a sample user flow diagram that illustrates the numerous ways in which a customer could register to be a BN Kids' Club member in this cross channel (both online and in store) campaign.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • UX Design Lead on agile product
    development team.

  • Collaborated with Product Manager on product definition and business goals.

  • Collaborated with Lead Visual designer on branding.

  • Collaborated with team of engineers on technical constraints and usability needs.

  • Conducted competitive analysis of best practices and heuristics for target marketing to parents in the kids commerce space.

  • Created wireframes, workflows, and strategy deliverables.