Barnes & Noble Web CMS

How might we reduce bias in user generated content administration without losing domain context?

This business-to-business tool was designed to create a more human centered experience that would be intuitive for a third party moderator to review large amounts of user generated content on the website. The existing tool was wrought with internal idiosyncrasies and was not scalable to the ever growing amount of content to review. The large challenge for this design was creating a collapsible format for the various types of user generated content that could be quickly browsed, searched, and filtered while also easily expanded for in-depth review. Various stakeholders were interviewed to understand what was unique about their user generated content and what a moderator would need to see when.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collaborated with Product Management on product definition and business goals.
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews with business owners across all of Barnes and Noble's product divisions.
  • Translated diverse stakeholder needs into a flexible system of content management.
  • Designed iterative set of wireframes based on business feedback.